Aditya Jindal

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Aditya Jindal obtained an B.E. in Chemical Engineering from Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, India in May 2012 and currently pursuing his PhD in the same field since August 2012. In Spring 2013, he joined the Puskas group as a full-time Masters student and in Spring 2014 he was admitted to the PhD program after successfully passing his Qualifier exam. He is also the president of ACS Rubber Division Student Chapter since 2014.

His research interests include electrospinning of thermoplastic elastomers to make drug-eluting fiber mats for potential biomedical applications.


The Schematic Diagram of an Electrospinning1

1Lim, G.T.; Reneker, D.; Jakli, A.; Puskas, J.E. Highly Hydrophobic Electrospun Fiber Mats from Polyisobutylene-based Thermoplastic Elastomers. Biomacromolecules 2011, 12(5), 1795-1799.

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