COVID-19: March 23.

We may be telecommuting for longer than two weeks. Another story: During the 1956 Hungarian revolution against the Russians I was 3 years old, raised by my single mother. We lived on Madach square which was one of the hotbeds of the revolution. I came down with chicken pox. My mom moved the crib into the bathroom and kept the door ajar, facing the living room window. I saw a bullet breaking through the window. I still have the moment etched into my mind – the window with the hole, the chest under the window, the bathroom door ajar and my crib. That is my first memory. I was told that my uncle came to bring us food, endangering his own life. Those were
also terrible times, lots of people died (mostly young people) and became refugees. Cleveland had an entire Hungarian section around Buckeye road. Try to think positive – we will come out on the other end, maybe with some bruises but intact.

Positive aspects of this crisis for this week:
1. In China the pandemic started to subside.

2. We can focus on paperwork and catch up.

3. I met virtually with lots of colleagues I have never met before!

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