COVID-19: March 16.

We have hit crazy times – like a bad movie.

My grandmother, who lived through two world wars and two revolutions. Always told me: “There are two things nobody can take away from you: the food you have already eaten and the knowledge already in your head.” So, I feel and think the best is to concentrate on learning and teaching. I will also concentrate on the positive aspects. Positive aspects of this crisis. My grandmother also taught me that there is always good in anything bad you just need to look for it.

1. I heard this on the radio: after the 2008 crisis several US cities and states have
built cash reserves to deal with any emergencies. Ohio and Wooster are
conservative and are among the wealthy. OSU is also wealthy.
2. Major crises (wars etc.) always force changes. I have been trying to teach on-line
for years and even young faculty were against it. Now we are all forced to do this,
and the entire educational landscape will have to change.
3. A miracle happened – the Republicans and Democrats agreed on the COVID-19
emergency budget!

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