Angela Jedlovszki-Hajdu

Angela Jedlovszki-Hajdu is Assistant Professor at Semmelweis (Medical) University in Hungary, at the Department of Biophysics and Radiation Biology, Laboratory of Nanochemistry. She has been involved in polymer chemistry, nanotechnology and related multidisciplinary fields since 2003, at first at the University of Szeged, then at University College of Dublin. She is an expert in the field of polymer chemistry, nanoparticle synthesis and colloidal characterization.


  • Stabilization of magnetic nanoparticles in aqueous medium
  • Surface charge and colloidal stability characterization
  • Building protective layer on magnetite to enhance colloidal stability
  • Coating magnetite with biocompatible and functionalized layer
  • Preparation of magnetic fluid for biomedical application (MRI, hyperthermia, cell experiments)


  • Electrospinning technique
  • Poly(amino acid) based polymers
  • Biomedical applicability of poly(amino acid) based artificial matrixes prepared with electrospinning method
  • Biocompability and biodegradability measurements

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