Patent Applications

Patents and Patent Applications (US only. International versions are not listed).
(Student coauthors in bold, undergraduate students Italics)

5. Puskas, J.E. 1. Biocompatible Carbon- and Silica-reinforced TPE Nanocomposites. UA Disclosure #729, US Patent application, 2007.

4. Puskas, J.E.; Sen, M. Process of Preparing Functionalized Polymers via Enzymatic Catalysis. UA Disclosure #707, UA Provisional Patent Application, 2007.

3. Puskas, J.E.; Kaszas, G.; Kulbaba K. Arborescent Polymers and Process for Making Same. UA Disclosure #638/639, UA/LANXESS Provisional Patent Application, 2006; UA/LANXESS PTC Patent Application, 2007.

2. Puskas, J.E. Arborescent Polyisobutylene-Polystyrene Copolymers, Method of Producing and Purifying Same. UA Provisional Patent Application #592, 2006; US Pat. Appl. 2007.

1. Kennedy, J.P.; Kaszas, G.; Puskas, J.E.; Hager, W.G. New thermoplastic elastomers. U.S. 4,946,899, 1990. FDA Approval for drug-eluting coronary stent application (to Boston Scientific Co., 2004); in commercial production (Kaneka Inc., BASF AG)

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